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Appsee is a visual mobile analytics platform that enables app developers to ­­measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile app.


Traditional mobile analytics don’t reveal the full story, emphasizing numbers instead of reasons.
Appsee enables app developers to put themselves in their users’ shoes and visually understand exactly how users interact with their app. Developers leverage Appsee’s user recordings, heatmaps and in-app analytics to optimize their apps and increase engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

Key Features

 User Recordings – provides recordings of real user sessions, which enable understanding of all the actions users perform in the app and what problems they encounter.

key features

Touch heatmaps – enable to see exactly how users interact with the app by visualizing every action they make. This feature helps you find out which elements users focus on the most within your app.

Touch heatmaps

Realtime in-app analytics – provides key metrics to help you understand how engaged your app users are, their activity overtime, which device and OS they use and their geographic breakdown.

Realtime in-app analytics

Crash recordings – detect and record crashed sessions automatically. You can see the exact sequence of actions that resulted in a crash with your own eyes and identify the single UI element causing the crash.

Conversion Funnels – measure the conversion rates between each step (screen or event) of relevant processes within your app. This reveals the reasons for the success or failure of your specified goal.

aligncenter Conversion funnels size-full wp-image-495

Actionable insights – act on pinpoint insights from the Appsee solution to maximize customer engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

 Auto-detect UI problems – detect unresponsive actions made by your users, such as taps, swipes or pinches, and helps you to optimize the UI.

Easy setup &integration – just drop Appsee SDK in your app and add a single line of code (it take less than 1 minute).

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